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11 February in the History of Psychology

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On February 11:

1890 — Heinz Werner was born. Werner's work in developmental psychology was best known, but he also contributed to the psychology of aesthetics and music, perception, and mental retardation. His Comparative Psychology of Mental Development elucidated his "orthogenetic" general laws of development.

1905 — Francis W. Irwin was born. Irwin's interests were in psychophysics, delay of reinforcement, and human decisions. He developed a theory of intentional behavior and motivation. In addition, he was a research consultant on military problems and chair of the board of editors of the APA.

1911 — Joseph Peterson, instructor of psychology and the only PhD holder in the department at Brigham Young University, was among three psychologists warned by the Mormon General Church Council that they would be "dispensed with" if they did not discontinue their teaching of Darwinian theory. Peterson left at the end of the school year but went on to become president of the APA in 1934.

1916 — Bernice Levin Neugarten was born. Neugarten earned the first PhD in human development granted by a university, from the University of Chicago in 1943. Her major contributions have been in the psychology and sociology of adult development and aging. American Psychological Foundation Distinguished Teaching Award, 1975.

1925 — Virginia Eshelman Johnson was born. With William Masters, Johnson became famous for the thorough study of the human sexual response and for modern methods of therapy for sexual disfunctions. Johnson was also a country-western singer in the 1940s.

1941 — The journal Educational and Psychological Measurement was first published.

1983 — The first issue of the APA journal Behavioral Neuroscience was published. The journal continued portions of the discontinued Journal of Comparative and Physiological Psychology (JCPP) and JCPP editor Richard F. Thompson continued as editor of the new journal.