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12 February in the History of Psychology


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On February 12:

1809 — Charles Darwin was born. Darwin's theory of evolution by natural selection opened all human qualities to scientific inspection, gave rise to comparative psychology, and strongly influenced developmental psychology.

1906 — Charles Roger Myers was born. Myers contributed to the development of Canadian psychology. His specialties were clinical psychology and the history of psychology. He was a founding member of the Canadian Psychological Association, its president in 1950, and its first executive officer (1970-1978). He was the first president of the Ontario Psychological Association.

1911 — The first meeting of the New York Psychoanalytic Society was held. A. A. Brill was the founding president. This was the first association of psychoanalysts in the United States.

1985 — The Florida Psychological Association was incorporated. Alan Gessner, Myron Bilak, Karen Steingarten, Judith Steward, Parke Fitzhugh, and Suzanne Bennett Johnson were the incorporating officers and directors.