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04 February in the History of Psychology

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On February 4:

1914 — The first mental hospital in the province of Saskatchewan, located in Battleford, was opened for the admission of patients. Saskatchewan was part of the Northwest Territories until 1905 and its residents with mental illness had been treated in Manitoba provincial institutions at the rate of one dollar per day.

1920 — Morton Deutsch was born. Deutsch has focused much of his work on significant social problems. He has produced advances in the understanding of racial prejudice, individual conformity, and social justice. APA Distinguished Scientific Contribution Award, 1987.

1987 — The APA Board of Directors rejected, 56 to 63, a proposal to reorganize the APA into two to five autonomous assemblies. The proposal was intended to maintain the allegiance of scientist members. The Assembly for Scientific and Applied Psychology formed as a result, with Charles Kiesler as president. This group formed the nucleus of the American Psychological Society, now named the Association for Psychological Science.