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03 February in the History of Psychology

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On February 3:

1845  Dorothea Dix presented a 55-page memorial to the Pennsylvania state legislature. The document described Dix's 2-year survey of Pennsylvania's treatment of people with mental illness. She found them in jails, alms-houses, and cellars of public buildings. On April 14, 1845, Governor Shunk signed legislation creating the Pennsylvania State Lunatic Hospital, now Harrisburg State Hospital, which was begun in 1849.

1920 — George A. Miller was born. Miller's influential work in language and cognition, short-term memory, and literacy education has shaped the field of psycholinguistics and cognitive psychology. APA Distinguished Scientific Contribution Award, 1963; APA President, 1969; American Psychological Foundation Gold Medal Award for Lifetime Achievement in Psychological Science, 1990; National Medal of Science, 1991.

1921  Robert Perloff was born. Perloff's interests have been in industrial/organizational psychology, business administration, consumer behavior, and in the motivational aspects of self-interest versus altruism. He was the first president of the Association for Consumer Research and has held many offices in the APA throughout a lifetime of service to the profession. APA President, 1985.

1969 — The antipsychotic drug Quide (piperacetazine; Dow) was approved for use by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.

1970 — Delos D. Wickens's article "Encoding Categories of Words: An Empirical Approach to Meaning" was published in Psychological Review.

1970 — Robert C. Bolles's article "Species-Specific Defense Reactions and Avoidance Learning" was published in Psychological Review. The article was later commended as a "citation classic" by Current Contents.