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23 April in the History of Psychology

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On April 23:

1859 — The first patient was admitted to the Michigan Asylum for the Insane. This hospital, located at Kalamazoo, was Michigan's first state mental hospital. It was originally proposed by the governor on February 28, 1848, but was not officially opened until August 29, 1859, under superintendent Edwin H. Van Deusen. The hospital's name was later changed to Kalamazoo State Hospital.

1903 — William James was elected to the National Academy of Sciences, the third psychologist so honored.

1915 — Margaret Hubbard Jones was born. Her interests were perception, developmental psycholinguistics, cognitive development, and traffic safety. Jones applied theoretical approaches and rigorous methodology to social action programs.

1947 — The American Board of Examiners in Professional Psychology (ABEPP) was incorporated. Dael Wolfle, ABEPP chairman, signed the articles of incorporation. The organization is now named the American Board of Professional Psychology.

1951 — Governor Luther W. Youngdahl of Minnesota signed his state's psychologist certification legislation. Minnesota was the fifth state to adopt regulatory legislation for the practice of psychology. Because there was little charlatanism in the state at the time, the Minnesota Psychological Association promoted the law as a preventive and public education measure.

1954 — Anne Anastasi's book Psychological Testing was published. This text became required reading in university courses through several editions.

1956 — Sigmund Freud appeared on cover of Time magazine for third time.

1959 — Stanley Schachter's book The Psychology of Affiliation was published.

1969 — Donald T. Campbell's article "Reforms as Experiments" was published in the American Psychologist.

1981 — Judith Rodin's article "Current Status of the Internal-External Hypothesis for Obesity: What Went Wrong?" was published in the American Psychologist.

1991 — The Society for Machines and Mentality was founded, and the election of its first officers was announced. William Rapaport was the first president.