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18 December in the History of Psychology


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On December 18:

1839 — Théodule Armand Ribot was born. Ribot was instrumental in introducing dynamic psychology in France. His major contributions were in the areas of affect and mental disorders. In 1885 Ribot was appointed to teach the first course in experimental psychology offered by the Sorbonne, at the University of Paris.

1884 — The organizing meeting of the American Society for Psychical Research was held. William James was instrumental in founding the organization.

1964 — The Texas Psychological Association was incorporated.

1978 — A search warrant was issued to Hawaiian authorities to inspect the Medicare records of psychotherapist Virgil Willis for evidence of fraud. There was no reason to suspect fraud and Willis brought suit, challenging the search. His complaint was upheld in 1983. The action confirmed the confidentiality of client records.