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16 July in the History of Psychology

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On July 16:

1798 — The earliest U.S. federal public health service was created. The services were originally extended only to merchant seamen.

1902 — Aleksandr R. Luria was born. Luria was a prominent Russian psychologist whose early work on the objective study of affective states was followed by later studies of the functional organization of the brain, speech functions, memory, and rehabilitation. His work established the beginnings of neuropsychology.

1930 — Sigmund Freud's book Civilization and its Discontents was published in the United States.

1957 — Governor Goodwin Knight signed California's original psychologist certification law into effect.

1964 — The state of Louisiana approved its psychologist licensure law. The law became effective on July 29 of the same year.

1965 — Robert Zajonc's article "Social Facilitation" was published in Science.

1986 — Kelly D. Brownell, G. Alan Marlatt, Edward Lichtenstein, and G. Terence Wilson's article "Understanding and Preventing Relapse" was published in the American Psychologist. The article assembled findings from many studies of addictive behaviors.

1986 — Robert S. Wyer and Thomas K. Srull's article "Human Cognition in Its Social Context" was published in Psychological Review.

1986 — Reid Hastie and Bernadette Park's article "The Relationship Between Memory and Judgment Depends on Whether the Judgment Task is Memory-Based or On-Line" was published in Psychological Review.