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17 July in the History of Psychology

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On July 17:

1853 — Alexius Meinong was born. Meinong was strongly influenced by Franz Brentano and Brentano's empirical approach to philosophical psychology. Meinong founded the first Austrian experimental psychology laboratory at the University of Graz in 1884. His philosophy influenced the school of form-quality in psychology.

1902 — Carl G. Jung was awarded the MD degree by the University of Zurich. His dissertation topic was the psychology and pathology of occult phenomena.

1923 — Jeanne Humphrey Block was born. Block is best known for her cross-cultural and longitudinal research on gender role socialization. Other noteworthy contributions have explored ego development, delay of gratification, characteristics of parents of children with schizophrenia, student activism, and children with asthma.

1929 — Manfred J. Meier was born. Meier has been the foremost figure in the development of professional clinical neuropsychology. His writing has focused on temporal lobe epilepsy, basal ganglia disease, and neuropsychological rehabilitation. He was the first president of the American Board of Neuropsychology. APA Award for Distinguished Professional Contributions, 1990.

1959 — The Archives of General Psychiatry was first published by the American Medical Association.

1992 — The first meeting of the European Society for Philosophy and Psychology began at the Philosophy Institute of the University of Louvain, Belgium.