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12. Which of the following drugs is physically addictive?

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Which of the following drugs is physically addictive?

  1. morphine
  2. cocaine
  3. heroin
  4. all of these

4. all of these 

Posted : 07/05/2023 9:01 am
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Hello, Substances with a physical potential for addiction basically include the Downers drugs such as
1) alcohol
2) Benzodiazepines
3) Nicotine
4) Gabapentinoids (pregabalin, gabapentin)
5) Gamma-butyrolactones


Cocaine addiction is primarily psychological in nature, although the increase in tolerance, loss of control, and dysregulation of blood pressure associated with cocaine withdrawal suggest some degree of physical dependence. However, cocaine withdrawal mainly involves emotional symptoms in the form of strong substance -cravings

Posted : 07/05/2023 4:32 pm
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