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Help with MBI-ES (Maslach Burnout Inventory - Educators survey)


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Hello, i need help with a copy of the manual for MBI-ES? we need to use those scales for our project but we need to purchase them. 

thanks for your help 🙂

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The Maslach Burnout Inventory (MBI) and MBI Manual
Christina Maslach, Susan E. Jackson, Michael P. Leiter, Wilmar B. Schaufeli, & Richard L. Schwab
Thank you for your interest in the MBI for your research. The MBI and MBI Manual are copyrighted
publications that you must obtain directly the publisher. To obtain the survey items, scoring
information, and research manual, please contact the publisher, which is a company named "Mind
Garden". The easiest way to contact the company is to go to the website:
From here you can order any version of the MBI (General, Human Services, Educators) in paper or digital
format. The easiest formats to use are the digital download option OR the web system service, which
make it easy to record responses for data analysis. If you have questions about the different options,
then use the "Contact Us" button to make your request and then a company representative will help
you out. Go to
Note that the User's Manual provides instructions for how to score the MBI. The Manual also describes
the research we conducted to develop and validate the MBI as well as some population norms. There is
a small charge for the Manual, but it can be quite useful for understanding how the instrument has been
validated in the years since it was first published in 1981

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you can read this, may be this can help you.

Maslach Burnout Inventory » Scales (