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24 June in the History of Psychology

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On June 24:

1795 — Ernst Weber was born. Weber is best known for his work on the sense of touch, leading to the discovery of the just-noticeable difference in sensation and Weber's law of psychophysics.

1933 — The Society for Research in Child Development was organized.

1946 — The Connecticut Workshop in Intergroup Relations began. The workshop was conducted by Kurt Lewin's Research Center for Group Dynamics at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and was held at the State Teacher's College of Connecticut at New Britain. The "T-group" method of experiential learning about interpersonal relations and the National Training Laboratory had their beginnings here.

1959 — The first All-Union Congress of the Russian Soviet Federal Socialist Republic Psychological Society began in Moscow and continued until July 4, 1959. A. A. Smirnov was elected chairman.