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18 September in the History of Psychology

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On September 18:

1861 — Wilhelm Wundt read a paper on individual differences in visual and auditory reaction times to a congress of German scientists meeting in Speyer. This was Wundt's first report of what would become experimental psychology. Wundt was assistant to Helmholtz at Heidelberg at the time.

1945 — The first congressional hearing testimony by an officer of the APA was given by Donald Marquis, secretary of the APA. Marquis spoke before the House Subcommittee on Public Health in favor of passage of the National Neuropsychiatric Institute Act (H. R. 2550). APA executive secretary Dael Wolfle testified in favor of the Senate version of the same bill before the Senate Subcommittee on Health and Education on March 6, 1946.

1957 — The film The Three Faces of Eve, based on Corbett Thigpen and Herrey Cleckley's case report of multiple personality, was copyrighted by Twentieth Century-Fox.