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14 October in the History of Psychology

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On October 14:

1801 — Joseph Antoine Ferdinand Plateau was born. Plateau proposed an early version of the power law of psychophysics. His research also touched on color vision and visual movement aftereffects.

1840 — The Maine Insane Hospital, now named Augusta Mental Health Institute, opened in Augusta, Maine for the admission of patients. The hospital's first superintendent was Cyrus Knapp and Isaac Ray served as superintendent from 1841 to 1844. By December 31, 1840, 30 patients were admitted. Treatment methods in that first year included prayer and Bible reading, farm labor, good food and clean living conditions.

1900 — W. Edwards Deming was born. Deming devised statistical process control, an approach to industrial production and management psychology that contributed to the success of Japanese industry after World War II. Only later were Deming's methods studied and adopted in the United States.

1968 — French stablehand Daniel Hugon was convicted of the murder of a Paris prostitute, but was given only a 7-year sentence on the grounds of extenuating circumstances. Tests showed Hugon to possess an extra Y sex chromosome and his lawyers argued that the "XYY syndrome" resulted in a 30% greater chance of becoming a criminal.