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14 July in the History of Psychology

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On July 14:

1736 — A Norwegian royal ordinance providing for care of people with mental illness was issued. It stated that main hospitals "should furnish one or two rooms, where one could place 'poor deteriorated persons' in such a manner that they could not escape easily."

1801 — Johannes Müller was born. Müller explained the law of specific nerve energies and applied it to his work in sensation. He was a founder of modern experimental psychology.

1860 — The first patient was admitted to Wisconsin's first state mental hospital, in Mendota, three years after the state legislature approved construction of the hospital on March 6, 1857. J. Edwards Lee was the hospital's first superintendent. Although this was a statewide facility, Wisconsin was unique among the states in the nineteenth century because of its heavy reliance on a system of small county mental health facilities.

1913 — Mary Henle was born. Henle's major contributions have been thorough commentaries on the history and systems of psychology, with special attention given to the history of Gestalt psychology. She has also been an active investigator of the psychology of thinking and problem solving.

1970 — Lee J. Cronbach and Lita Furby's article "How Should We Measure Change — Or Should We?" was published in Psychological Bulletin.

1983 — The first issue of Psychological Documents, a continuation of the Catalog of Selected Documents in Psychology, was published by the APA.

1986 — The Kentucky Psychological Association was incorporated.