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13 July in the History of Psychology


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On July 13:

1875 — June Etta Downey was born. Downey's contributions were in the areas of clinical psychology and personality assessment. Her Downey Will-Temperament Tests (1919) received some research attention in the 1920s. She founded the psychology laboratory at the University of Wyoming in 1900.

1922 — Fred E. Fiedler was born. Fiedler's research has resulted in the contingency theory of leadership, describing effective leadership as a product of personal style and specific situational characteristics.

1928 — Using psychic forces, novelist Upton Sinclair's brother-in-law in Pasadena, California, transmitted an image of a fork to Sinclair's wife in Long Beach. This and other such events are described in Sinclair's book Mental Radio (1930). The foreword to that book was written by psychologist William McDougall.

1933 — Beatrice Tugenhat Gardner was born. Gardner was a comparative psychologist who, with R. Allen Gardner, began Project Washoe, the first program to teach American Sign Language to a chimpanzee.

1953 — 1.74 inches (4.42 cm) of rain fell on Ellsworth, Maine. Wilhelm Reich claimed credit for producing the rain, attributing it to his orgone-powered "Cloudbuster" rainmaker.

1997 — The First Regional Congress of Psychology for Professionals in the Americas was held in Mexico, D. F.