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13 December in the History of Psychology

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On December 13:

1889 — Stephan Polyak was born. Polyak was a prominent anatomist of the vertebrate visual system, with special attention given to the structure of the retina.

1926 — Mortimer Mishkin was born. Mishkin was awarded the APA's Distinguished Scientific Contribution Award (1985) for his work on the functional organization of the primate brain, especially that of the frontal lobe and interotemporal cortex.

1968 — Garrett Hardin's article "The Tragedy of the Commons" was published in Science. The article used decision theory to explain why jointly held resources are overexploited by individual users. In 1979, it was featured as a "citation classics" article by the journal Current Contents.

1979 — The first convention of the Society of Behavioral Medicine began in San Francisco. W. Stewart Agras was president at this first meeting.

1991 — The APA and American Red Cross signed a statement of understanding in which the APA offered training services for psychologists to serve in times of disaster. The program certified psychologists nationwide as Red Cross disaster intervention volunteers.