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11 January in the History of Psychology

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1842 — William James was born. James founded the first demonstration laboratory of psychology equipment in America (1875) and wrote the classic Principles of Psychology. His approach stressed the adaptive qualities of thought and behavior, presaging functionalism and behaviorism. APA President, 1894 and 1904; President, American Philosophical Association, 1906.

1867 — Edward Bradford Titchener was born. Titchener promoted his interpretation of Wundtian experimental psychology, structuralism, in the United States. Psychology, for Titchener, was the systematic analysis of mental experience through introspection.

1890 — The first psychological laboratory at a Canadian university was inaugurated at the University of Toronto by James Mark Baldwin. Baldwin was at Toronto from 1889 to 1893 and was serving that appointment when he participated as a founder of the APA in 1892.

1897 — Carney Landis was born. Landis is best known for a paper with William A. Hunt describing the startle response, but he had wide-ranging interests in abnormal, developmental, physiological, and emotional psychology.

1899 — Grete Lehner Bibring was born. Bibring was a prominent psychoanalyst and a training analyst at the Harvard Medical School.

1927 — Leonard Goodstein was born. Goodstein's interests have been primarily in clinical and industrial/organizational psychology, organizational development, and consultation. APA Executive Vice President and Chief Executive Officer, 1985-1988.