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10 January in the History of Psychology

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On January 10:

1881 — Hanns Sachs was born on this day in 1881 and died on this day in 1947. An early Freudian, Sachs was the first training analyst and founded The American Imago.

1887 — The Arizona State Hospital for the Insane, located at Phoenix, opened for the admission of patients. The first superintendent was O. L. Mahoney. Prior to 1887, people in the Territory of Arizona with serious mental illness were cared for at a private hospital in Stockton, California. The institution is now named Arizona State Hospital.

1910 — Marie Skodak Crissey was born. Crissey worked extensively with studies of mental retardation, testing, and child development, becoming well-known for her studies of environmental deprivation and enrichment on mental development. She helped develop special education, school psychology, and school social work programs in the public schools.

1942 — The first version of E. F. Lindquist's Iowa Every-Pupil Tests of Basic Skills was published. The test is now known more simply as the Iowa Tests of Basic Skills.

1962 — The petition to create APA Division 24 (Theoretical and Philosophical Psychology) was submitted. Joseph Lyons and Joe Shoben promoted the formation of the division.

1981 — Vytautas Bieliauskas's House-Tree-Person Test was published.