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09 February in the History of Psychology


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On February 9:

1852 — Following the urging of Dorothea Dix in 1849, the Alabama state legislature passed a bill "To Establish a Hospital for Insane Persons in Alabama." Construction on the state's first mental hospital, Alabama Insane Hospital, began in Tuscaloosa later in the year. The hospital came to be known as Bryce Hospital after a second branch of the Alabama Insane Hospital, Mt. Vernon Hospital, opened in 1901 for the care of African-American patients.

1883 — The first issue of the "new series" of the journal Science was published. This series has continued to the present day. The journal was financially supported by Alexander Graham Bell and Bell's father-in-law, Gardiner Greene Hubbard, and edited by Samuel H. Scudder.

1909 — Norman Frederiksen was born. Frederiksen has specialized in applied studies of testing and problem solving in educational, organizational, scientific, and medical settings. Approaches to solving ill-structured problems were a special focus of his research. APA Award for Distinguished Professional Contributions, 1984.

1919 — Elizabeth Münsterberg Koppitz was born. Koppitz was an expert in learning disabilities and child assessment. She conducted normative studies of responses to the Bender-Gestalt Test and devised a scoring system for that instrument. She also created the Visual Aural Digit Span Test.

1966 — The APA's Standards for Educational and Psychological Tests and Manuals was first published. John W. French and William B. Michael chaired the committee that wrote this set of standards. Later revisions were titled Standards for Educational and Psychological Testing.