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07 October in the History of Psychology

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On October 7:

1833 — French physician Joseph-Honoré-Simon Beau began daily observations of his patients in a study of the relation between meteorological events and epileptic seizures. His last observations were made on November 20, 1833 and he concluded that epilepsy was unrelated to the weather. Other studies of this era showed that epilepsy was also unrelated to phases of the moon.

1872 — Spring Grove Hospital, at Catonsville, Maryland was opened for the admission of patients. Spring Grove Hospital was the successor to Maryland's first state mental health care facility, which was a portion of the Maryland Hospital in Baltimore. Maryland Hospital's history began as early as 1794.

1944 — The Connecticut State Psychological Society, a forerunner of the present Connecticut Psychological Association, was founded.

1967 — The psychologist licensure law for the state of Maine became effective and the board of examiners in psychology was created.

1976 — The petition to create APA Division 37 (Child and Youth Services) was submitted. Milton Shore headed the petitioning group.

1980 — President Jimmy Carter signed the Mental Health Systems Act of 1980. The legislation was designed to distribute to the states responsibility for treatment established in 1963 with the Community Mental Health Centers Act. Improvements in services to young, elderly, minority, women, rural, and poor clients were specifically targeted.