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06 February in the History of Psychology


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On February 6:

1838  Eduard Hitzig was born. With Gustav Fritsch, Hitzig established the electrical excitability of the brain and located some of the areas associated with motor behavior.

1852  Conwy Lloyd Morgan was born. Morgan was an important comparative psychologist who asserted that knowledge of the minds of animals depends on careful introspection of one's own mind and on assuming that the simplest mental processes are reflected in animal behavior. This latter principle, called Morgan's canon, has often been taken as a principle of behaviorism, but Morgan actually promoted anthropomorphic and mentalistic explanations of behavior.

1918 — Jane Loevinger was born. Loevinger's interests have included women's attitudes, ego development, measurement, and test construction. She has been very active in the American Association of University Women.

1951 — B. F. Skinner's Science and Human Behavior was first published by Skinner himself in a mimeographed version. The Macmillan Company's publication of the book appeared on January 20, 1953.