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05 July in the History of Psychology

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On July 5:

1908 — Pauline Snedden Sears was born. Sears's best known studies were of level of aspiration, self-esteem, achievement motivation, mathematics learning, and gender differences in children's behavior. American Psychological Foundation Gold Medal, 1980.

1983 — In its decision of People v. Kirk L. Hughes, the New York Court of Appeals held that testimony obtained through hypnosis was not valid.

1989 — The first five-volume edition of PsycBOOKS was published by the APA. PsycBOOKS was an annotated index to the contents of books in psychology. These first volumes covered books published in 1988. Volumes covering books of 1987 were published on December 13, 1989. PsycBOOKS information was merged with Psychological Abstracts beginning with the January 1992 issue.