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03 July in the History of Psychology


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On July 3:

1880 — The first issue of the "old series" of the journal Science was published. The journal was founded by inventor Thomas A. Edison and journalist John Michaels and was originally titled Science: A Weekly Journal of Scientific Progress. This series ceased publication in 1882 and was succeeded by the "new series" on February 9, 1883.

1919 — Sigmund Freud's follower Victor Tausk committed suicide following rejection by Freud and potential failure in a romantic attachment. Freud's role in the development of Tausk's life has remained a subject of controversy.

1946 — The National Mental Health Act (Public Law 79-487) was signed by President Truman, authorizing the surgeon general to improve public mental health through programs of research and treatment. Psychiatrist Robert H. Felix was instrumental in promoting this legislation and in the subsequent founding of the National Institute of Mental Health.