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[Sticky] Psychology eBooks from A to Z


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In this forum topic, I will share eBooks related to "Psychology eBooks from A to Z". 

If you need any book related to Psychology eBooks from A to Z reply to this topic and I will share it here download link free.


  1. Abnormal Psychology 7th Edition by Ronald J. Comer
  2. Abnormal Psychology 12th Edition by Ann M. Kring
  3. Abnormal Psychology by Robin S. Rosenberg
  4. Abnormal Psychology 2nd Edition by Deborah C. Beidel
  5. Anxiety Disorders by National Institute of Mental Health USA


  1. Clinical Handbook of Psychological Disorders, 4th edition, David H. Barlow


  1. Essentials of Abnormal Psychology, by Andrew R. Getzfeld


  1. Neurological Disorders Public Health Challenges, By World Health Organization


  1. Social Amnesia by Russell Jacoby


  1. VU Abnormal Psychology (PSY 404)

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